I began my internship not necessarily knowing which site I’d be working on - or what aspect of the video department I’d be working in.

24 hours into my first day and I quickly realized that I would assist in all of them and do everything.


No small task.

Yet, I enjoyed every second of it.

I worked mostly with Jezebel and The Root doing all sorts of video related tasks including pitching concepts, writing scripts, shooting in the field, booking talent for interviews, shooting said interviews, and editing it all together.


The most impactful part of this experience was the mentorship I received by women of color here at GMG.

My mentor, Ashley Velez, has been nothing but supportive, helpful, engaging and an exemplary figure of what it means to be a strong producer in this industry. I love her to pieces and thank her for her service.


Jennifer Perry, my Senior Producer on Jezebel, has embodied what it means to be a detail-oriented, straightforward, dutiful leader and I would not have such polished editing skills without her. I continue to admire and respect her for putting so much trust and faith in my ability to create for Jezebel.

My time here has been fun and exciting, and thankfully, it is not over yet!

I’ll be freelancing as an Associate Producer for Jezebel so the videos will continue to come!


Here’s a compilation of all the fun I’ve had as an intern at GMG:

associate producer, jezebel

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